Adam Lindemer

Adam Lindemer

Hello, my name is Adam Lindemer. I’ll be taking over the position of news reporter/associate editor at the DeForest Times-Tribune and the Lodi Enterprise/Poynette Press that was previously held by Hannah Rajnicek.

I’ve been in the newspaper industry for the past 12 years — all within sports departments. I began as a part-time sports reporter for the Waukesha Freeman and in a little under a year, I moved onto the West Bend Daily News (a sister paper of the Freeman). I was in that sports department as a reporter for the past 11 years, mainly covering sporting events for the eight high schools within Washington County.

So it’s safe to say that I am indeed a sports fan, mainly to Wisconsin sports (professional and college) — especially the Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming MLB season.

Well, I’m out of the sports world now (at least in the job sense) and am excited to tackle this new challenge of covering school board meetings, city council meetings, village board meetings and the like. I’m also looking forward to getting to know the people of DeForest, Lodi and Poynette more closely over the coming weeks and months through various feature stories.

All of my previous experience has been with daily newspapers, where nightly deadlines creep up fast. I hope with a switch to weekly publications, that I’ll have more time to provide you, the readers, with more in-depth coverage through my stories.

I’ve recently moved to the area as well, so I’m interested in getting to know what the surrounding communities have to offer.

So, if you see me around the community, don’t hesitate to say, “Hi.”

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