During the evening of Tuesday, June 2, between 7:30-10:30 p.m., the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office communications center received numerous telephone calls regarding weather related incidents.

Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to and are working on clearing a total of 57 incidents of trees blocking the roadway, trees on homes, and downed power lines. There were no reported injuries, however, there are reports of extensive damage to some residences and buildings.

There are many residents currently without power throughout Columbia County. Electric utility companies are working to restore power to those residents.

There are also trees, branches and debris on many roadways yet. The Columbia County Highway Department is working on removing them.

It is advised to use caution while traveling the rural roadways especially at crests of hills and blind corners until the roadways can be cleared.

Alliant Energy continues to work on restoring power

During the evening of June 2 through the early morning of June 3, a line of severe thunderstorms swept through Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin service area and left nearly 25,000 of our electric customers without power.

The weather event included high winds and damage to numerous electric lines, poles, circuits and substations. Crews and contractors responded and have safely restored thousands of customers to service.

As of 7 a.m. on June 3, about 4,800 customers remain without power. Restoration efforts are continuing and more resources have been dedicated to the hardest hit areas. We would expect most of our customers to be back in service during the afternoon, with all remaining customers out restored by early evening.

The latest information on outages can be found at www.alliantenergy.com/outage.

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