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Madtown BMX hosted four days of racing last week.

Madtown BMX had its busiest week of the year after hosting four days of racing. The track hosted Local Races on Jan 10 and 12, a Race for Life Double last Saturday and a State Race Double last Sunday.

Riders from DeForest, Windsor, Morrisonville, Poynette and Lodi had success on all four days.

DeForest had the most athletes among local riders on all four days.

Derek Klein (12 Expert) and Jordan Mennes (15 Novice) had the only wins for DeForest. Klein was also third in the 11-12 Local Open.

Isaak Snortum was the runner-up in the 9 Novice Division, while Maximilian Stenglein (8 Novice) and Cole Abrams (11 Intermediate) both finished third. Stenglein was also seventh in the 7-8 Local Open.

Logun Meyer (fifth 11-12 Local Open) and Jack Abrams (fourth 36-40 Intermediate) were the only other DeForest riders to place on July 10.

Klein led the charge for DeForest on July 12, as he won the 11-12 Local Open and 12 Expert divisions.

Stenglein (third 8 Novice), Snortum (second 10 Novice), Justin Molitor (fourth 12 Novice), Mennes (sixth 15 Intermediate), Jack Abrams (second 36-40 Intermediate), Elijah Pabon (third 12 Expert) and Logun Meyer (fifth 12 Expert) also placed for DeForest on July 12.

Klein (11-12 Local Open) picked up another win for DeForest on Saturday and was second in the 12 Expert Division.

Austin Sommerfeld (13 Intermediate) had the only other win for DeForest on Saturday. Justin Molitor was second in the 12 Novice Division and fifth in the 11-12 Local Open.

DeForest also had Snortum (third 10 Novice), Logun Meyer (third 13 Intermediate), Toni Pabon (third 41-&-Over Expert Women), Chandler Pabon (third 9 Expert), Elijah Pabon (fourth 12 Expert) and Dylan Klein (sixth 36-40 Expert) place on Saturday.

Mennes (21-25 Novice) and Austin Sommerfeld (13 Intermediate) were the only DeForest riders to win on Sunday, while also placing were Derek Klein (second 11-12 Open, eighth 12 Expert), Snortum (third 9 Novice), Dylan Klein (second 21-25 Novice), Kenny Meyer (second 46-50 Novice), Cole Abrams (fifth 11 Intermediate), Jack Abrams (first 41-45 Intermediate), Toni Pabon (third 41-&-Over Expert Women) and Chandler Pabon (fourth 9 Expert).

Windsor riders also had great numbers on all four days.

On July 10, Tyler Zander (8 Novice) was the only Windsor rider to earn a win. He added a fifth-place finish in the 7-8 Local Open.

Todd Peifer (second 36-40 Cruiser), Matthew Zander (third 36-40 Cruiser) and Ethan Nesbit (third 12 Novice) added top-three finishes for Windsor on July 10.

Tyler Zander earned another win in the 8 Novice on July 12, to go along with a fourth-place finish in the 7-8 Local Open. Zeke Pinchart (7 Novice) had the only other win for Windsor.

Matthew Zander (third 11-12 Local Open, second 12 Novice) and Ethan Nesbit (fifth 11-12 Local Open, third 12 Novice) also had good showings for Windsor on July 12.

Tyler and Matthew Zander were the only Windsor riders to place on Saturday. Tyler was first in the 8 Novice and sixth in the 7-8 Local Open, while Matthew was first in the 12 Novice and third in the 11-12 Local Open.

On Sunday, Tyler Zander claimed victories in the 7-8 Mixed Division and the 8 Novice Division, while Pinchart topped the field in the 7 Novice Division.

Also on Sunday, Windsor riders Matthew Zander (third 11-12 Mixed Open, second 12 Novice), Wendy Peifer (second 46-50 Women Cruiser) and Todd Peifer (second 46-50 Cruiser) all placed in the top three.

Jayden Carpenter represented Morrisonville well on all four days, starting with wins in the 9 Cruiser and 10 Expert divisions on July 10. He was first in the 9 Cruiser and second in the 10 Expert on July 12, while on Saturday he was first in the 9 Expert Division and second in the 11 Cruiser. He ended the week by winning the 9 Expert Division on Sunday.

Matthew Gulvik was the only Poynette rider to compete on all four days. He started the week by taking first in the 7-8 Local Open and 8 Expert on both July 10 and 12. He was second in both divisions on Saturday, but rebounded to win both on Sunday.

Poynette’s Sydney Wright (third 13 Expert Girls) and Tyler Wright (second 17-20 Expert) both placed in the top three on Sunday.

Gauge McConnell was the only Lodi athlete to compete on all four days. He was second in the 8 Novice Division on July 10, July 12 and on Saturday. On Sunday, he was second in the 7-8 Mixed Open and fourth in the 8 Novice.

Lodi’s Bryer Caves was first in the 10 Novice Division on Saturday and Sunday, while Jace Caves was sixth in the 5-&-Under Novice Division on Sunday.

The track will remain busy in coming weeks with races planned for July 24 and 31 and August 2, 3, 7 and 9. Practice time is available on Mondays each week.

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