Hermanson: Stop the Lodi utility hike

Stop the utility hike! The customers should not have to pay for the cities mess up. They chose to build it without permits. They should have to eat the cost. If a homeowner built something without a permit then he would have to pay, not the city. I’ve started a petition on Facebook and would love for everyone to sign it. You can look my page up and sign. I would love to get all the people affected and we can all go to the city hall. We all need to be heard.

Heather Hermanson,


Public official’s response to its citizens

Donald J. Trump was elected President of the USA almost three years ago and the Democrats are still screaming and kicking their feet like some spoiled little brat. I did not like Barack Hussein Obama and I thought he was a good speech reader but an empty suit. I did not ever like him and believe that he will go down as maybe the worst president on record. I am not crazy about Trump’s New York style but I like what he is accomplishing. The apple cart needed to be turned over and started over. That is happening and the Democrats are worked up to such a lather that they will ensure that Mr. Trump gets a second term. So Democrats, thank you, and keep it up.

John H. Pickle, Jr.,


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