Whistling Valley Farm is expanding their reach after opening up their new location Lodi Alpacas Uptown on Main Street.

Owner Jan Clingman held their grand opening of the new spot at 133 S. Main St. on Monday, Nov. 18. She previously operated a store at their alpaca farm location inside their milkhouse but have since outgrew it. So far, she said the new store has been “fantastic”.

“We’ve had quite a welcoming here in town, from the other store owners and also the residents,” Clingman said.

The store features all their previous products sold at the farm, including various alpaca-made products such as hats, scarves, gloves, mittens and teddy bears. Some of the products are made from the fibers of their alpacas while others are sourced from mills in the U.S. as Peru.

Now that Clingman has a bigger location, she said she plans on offering a wider selection of goods. This could include more coats and vests she said she didn’t have room for in the milkhouse.

Clingman raises around 30 suri alpacas at her farm where they are sheared, bred and sold. She has also hosted tours of Whistling Valley Farms for people interested in learning more about alpacas.

Lodi Alpacas Uptown is open from noon to 5 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. People can also follow Lodi Alpacas Uptown or Lodi Alpacas at Whistling Valley Farms on Facebook to hear about upcoming events, or they can visit their website at www.lodialpacas.com.

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