Susie the Duck was found this year by the Walzer Family. Rhianna Walzer is was congratulated by Jeffrey Mayer. The Walzer family will receive $250 in Chamber Duck Bucks.

Below are the answers to Clues 2, 3 and 4:

Clue 2

Woods + Towering columns = trees

No Water = on the ground

Down = on the ground

Clue 3

Trail = Ice Age Trail

Two towers + WOOD = 2 tall trees

Push aside a leaf or two + No need for an ax or a spade = ground – don’t cut down the trees!

Two towers + Left I sit + Inches I say = 1” from the tree on the left

Repellent +Mosquitos = in the woods

School + Near + Students = by the school

Clue 4

It is time to get searching, get High on life = by the High School

It is now time to cross that bridge = across the footbridge by the High School

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