Seen is the watercolor painting “Ferns” done national-recognized artist Helen Klebesadel, who will lead a virtual workshop hosting by Prairie du Sac’s River Arts studio.

Prairie du Sac’s River Arts Inc. is hosting a virtual workshop with nationally-recognized artist and instructor Helen Klebesadel, titled “Envisioning the Art Career You Actually Want to Have.”

It will take place via zoom from Friday, April 16 through Thursday, May 13 — an in-depth class calendar is available at www.riverartsinc.org. The deadline to register is Friday, April 9.

This virtual month-long workshop will focus on the participant’s art and/or life passion, talents, and desires, to create a vision for the meaningful career/business that they actually want to have. Through a series of self-reflective exercises, students will develop an initial planning process to articulate their vision for the art career that is meaningful to them. The workshop will also imagine the first steps toward realizing that vision.

Discussions and exercises on the workshop website will help participants define what success looks like for them.

For questions or more information, and the link to register, visit www.riverartsinc.org or email Kristina at kcoopman@riverartsinc.org.

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