Pastor Matt McMorris and his family

Pastor Matt McMorris and his family

My name is Matt McMorris and I am the Senior Pastor at Grace Valley Church.

We are meeting at Reach Out Lodi every Sunday at 10 a.m., and our launch service into the community is Sunday, Sept. 30 (we will have lunch, a bounce house and a lot of other great stuff).

The church was founded by a group of people who wanted to develop authentic relationships with Jesus and one another while making a difference in our community. We want to reach people with the good news of Jesus while also loving everyone right where they are.

Our church is a non-denominational Bible teaching church. When we approach a text of Scripture we look to see A) What does it say, B) What does it mean, and C) Why does it matter? In other words, the Bible is our authority for our faith and practice.

As a brand new launch, we have not done much in the community yet, but we plan to partner with local non-profit organizations like Reach Out Lodi, GLO, and others. Our desire is not just to “tell people about our church” as much as it is to show them the love of Jesus by genuinely loving them.

Ultimately, we want a church of authentic people where we can show compassion, be involved in community and reach others with the gospel.

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