Lodi Girls Glee Club 1951

The 1951 Lodi High School Glee Club had a membership of 55 voices, but only 30 selected girls sung in the winter concert on Dec. 19. They sang “Steal Away,” “Dancing in the Dark” and “The Man I Love.” On Feb. 27 the concert group presented the late winter concert, singing “Calvary” and “Were You There.” The girls also performed at tournaments in Baraboo on April 20 and May 5. First row (left to right): M. Burt, D. Manwaring, J. Rortvedt, C. Zeimet, D. Opperman, L. Wipperfurth, R. Werla, D. Thompson, S. Markee, K. Buchanan, L. Klebesadel and Mr. Lambrecht. Second row: R. Lee, D. Treinen, C. Alme, M. McChesney, S. Meyer, E. Herr, M. Caldwell, H. Karls, P. Hanson, L. Weber, J. Brereton and M. Flentje. Third row: J. Bartholomew, M. Brown, J. Buchanan, S. Leatherberry, E. Linde, M. Rice, M. Hochstein, J. Heimbecker, M. Richards, D. Bartholomew, A. Steele and C. Smith. Fourth row: H. Hartman, R. Reppen, J. Karls, M. Lochner, E. Howe, L. Mulcahy, C. Clemens, D. Oliver, D. Zick, B. Roberts and B. Leatherberry. Fifth row: G. Clark, M. Burt, L. Koch, J. Mack, S. Buchanan, N. Zimmerman, R. Richards, S. Busk and J. Flentje.

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