Two injuries were reported from a fiery four-vehicle crash involving a semi carrying hazardous, corrosive and flammable materials that occurred Friday, Sept. 11, at 4:36 p.m. on Friday Sept. 11 in Columbia County on Interstate 90 near Poynette.

According to a press release from the Wisconsin State Patrol Southwest Region DeForest Post, the crash occurred on I-39 NB at Mile Marker 116 in the westbound lane. Troopers arrived on scene after the Wisconsin State Patrol was notified of the incident. They determined a semi unit hauling hazardous, corrosive and flammable materials had overturned as a result of the crash and was significantly damaged, causing some of the hazardous material to leak.

Westbound Interstate 90 was closed at Highway 60 near Lodi. Portage Fire Department HAZMAT Team responded to the scene. The HAZMAT team evaluated the scene and rendered it mostly safe. The semi-trailer was blocking the left and middle lane and could not be moved until the hazardous materials were offloaded.

The Columbia County Highway Department responded and set up lane closure for the left and middle lanes until an environmental recovery team could arrive to remove the hazardous materials. At approximately 9:45 p.m., westbound Interstate 90 was reopened at Highway 60. Assisting at the scene were Arlington Fire, Arlington EMS, Poynette Fire, Poynette EMS, Portage Fire, and Columbia County Highway Department.

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