The attitude of gratitude is spreading throughout Lodi and the Lake Wisconsin areas.

It’s the mindset initiated by the Lodi & Lake Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce as it has developed a new project that is spanning the month of November.

The Thankfulness Tree Project has residents and businesses purchasing $10 posters of a tree with empty limbs. The idea of the project is to have those individuals and businesses add a leaf to one of the limbs per day during November with something that they are thankful for.

“It’s all about the attitude of gratitude and Lodi & Lake Wisconsin definitely have that mindset,” said Kristi McMorris, Executive Director of the Chamber.

According to McMorris, she and the rest of the board members developed the idea during a committee meeting for an event that the Chamber was eventually forced to cancel because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“(Board Vice President) Melissa Card and I were discussing what we could do to provide a fun activity that would spread positivity,” McMorris said.

It was an easy decision to pick the month of November for the project.

“We decided that November is the perfect month to express gratitude and thankfulness and we would like the business community to lead the way in this initiative,” McMorris said. “And who doesn’t love a good project to express their creativity.”

She added that the rest of the board loved the idea and were quick to approve moving forward with the project.

Anybody who is interested can purchase a poster, regardless of where they live or where a business is located. In turn they are asked to display it in a window of their home or business, or somewhere it can be visible to passersby.

One goal of the project is to help the Chamber recover some of its lost revenue due to the pandemic. The proceeds from the poster sales will help cover the costs of production, as well as help the Chamber in its day-to-day operations.

But amid the pandemic, the project has another purpose.

“We also wanted to spread as much positivity and thankfulness in our community as possible,” McMorris said. “Expressing that in this way is not only good for the community as a whole, but each individual that participates.”

McMorris said that the project “has been very well received” through the first week of the month. She said many posters were bought almost immediately and people have enjoyed showing off how their tree is taking shape with the things they are thankful for.

“We aren’t really surprised too much (about the number of posters sold), because we know that we have such a great community of people that are anxious to spread positivity,” McMorris said.

Posters are still available for purchase at $10 each. They are currently available at several Lodi businesses — Lodi Sausage Co. & Meat Market, Buttercream Bakery, Willow Tree Wellness Lodi, Main Street Market Piggly Wiggly and Lodi CREW. Posters are also available at the Lodi & Lake Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce.

Those with posters are encouraged by the Chamber to post pictures on social media throughout the month using (hashtag) thankfulnesstreeproject. At the end of the month, pictures of your poster should be emailed to to be entered into a drawing for a gift card to a local business.

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