The City of Lodi community pool in Goeres Park is opening on Saturday, June 19, with a little help from the Lodi School District.

At its meeting on Tuesday, June 15, the Lodi Common Council unanimously approved a management agreement that stipulates the school district would be responsible for the employment and management of lifeguards and staffing at the pool.

“This is a dream I had for a while,” said Mayor Ann Groves Lloyd.

The agreement is slated to run from June 19 to Aug. 29. The mayor said she is hoping the one-year deal will lead to more.

Mayor Lloyd said the city was not getting the applicants it needed to staff the pool. That’s why the pool hasn’t been open the last three weeks.

Members of the council expressed relief upon hearing the news.

Mayor Lloyd also said the city is not anticipating needing to take reservations for use of the pool, which has a capacity of 400 people. As spelled out in the agreement, the city still owns the pool and is responsible for its upkeep.

According to the deal, the city will: provide and maintain rescue equipment; provide exterior maintenance, facility maintenance, repair, sanitation and groundskeeping that support the community pool; provide materials and supplies to maintain the pool; carry out the seasonal startup and shutdown; have a certified pool operator on staff at all times to provide oversight, including testing of the water and record keeping; provide maintenance and costs associated with all utilities and lights; pay for state license permit and registration; vacuum pool and logging usage during nonoperational hours; provide upkeep and cleaning of facilities during operational and nonoperational hours, including bathrooms, locker rooms and interior rooms; and develop a lifeguard and staffing plan that meets Wisconsin administrative code.

The school district, on the other hand, will handle employment and staffing matters. They include hiring, evaluation and dismissal; staff instructional programs, including certification and recertification classes in-house; staff scheduling; and payroll requirements.

Lifeguards and staff will be employees of the school district.

The pool manager will be an employee of the school district and is responsible for coordinating with the certified pool operator on pool closing decisions. The district will also adhere to the lifeguard staffing plan, ensure that the community pool complies with state and federal regulations and carry out the daily operations.

The city will reimburse the school district for actual expenses incurred for management of the pool. Mayor Lloyd said she is going to ask the parks committee to look at the possibility of instituting fees for pool usage. Right now, it is free. She said the tax burden for operating the pool is high on residents and added that a “good chunk” of those who use the pool are not city residents and do not support the pool financially.

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