A budget of more than $3 million for 2022 has been established for the City of Lodi.

At a public hearing on Nov. 9, a proposed budget of $3,004,279 was approved by the Common Council for 2022. That figure represents a 3.05% increase over the 2021 figure of $2,915,457.

However, the city tax rate is estimated to drop by 2.47%. The city tax cost then for a $100,000 home is expected to be $852.12, a decrease of $21.02 from the 2021 number of $873.14.

The preliminary estimate for the total city assessed value is $276,982,525 for 2021, compared to the 2020 figure of $272,341,000. Meanwhile, the total equalized value for the city rose by $10,357,600, going from $263,291,600 in 2020 to $273,649,200 in 2021.

The total amount to be levied for 2021 is $2,360,233, down from the 2020 figure of $2,377,916.

As far as revenues go, just over $1.5 million will come from general levied taxes.

Looking at expenses, $540,599 is for general government, with $1,171,998 earmarked for public safety, $585,222 for transportation, $224,173 for culture, recreation and education, $40,000 for conservation and development, $53,148 for other financing uses and $389,139 for debt service.

The city debt service fell from the 2021 number of $395,344.

The resolution that was approved calls for a tax levy of $2,082,302.23 on all taxable property within the City of Lodi.

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