At a special meeting on Nov. 10, the Lodi Common Council approved its operating budget for the city for 2021.

The city is projected to see a total revenue of $6,928,098 next year, with expenditures only projected at $6,711,235. The General Operating Revenue and Expenditures even out at $2,915,457, as that revenue increased by 4.2% from that of 2020.

There is a tax levy of $2,067,498,45 from 2020 for all taxable property within the city. The tax rate increases slightly for 2020, with 873.14 taxed for every $100,000 of assessed property. It’s an increase of $22.86 from the 2019 numbers ($850.28) — an increase of 2.62% for 2020. The increase in taxes will show in the city’s 2021 revenue numbers. The total assessed value was at it highest in 2016 when $870.77 was due in taxes for every $100,000 of assessed property.

The city’s debt service is projected to increase by almost 5% in 2021 to $395,344. The total was $377,250.

In breaking down the revenues projected for 2021, those from intergovernmental aspects and in licenses and permits are projected to increase by 15% from 2020. Also, the revenues from forfeitures and other penalties are projected to increase by 10% as court costs and penalties will increase in 2021.

The general government expenditures are projected to increase by 5% to $545,821 in 2021.

Total expenditures in public safety will increase slightly — by less than 1% — to $1,043,818. The police department decreased its budget by 0.20% when compared to its 2020 numbers. The police department had $824,124 in expenses last year, the highest in it had been in recent years. The projected expenses drop to $822,447 for 2021. The fire department’s expenses are projected to increase by 5.29% mostly because of state dues, while the EMS budget increases by 7.32% in 2021 because of increases in assessments.

The Public Works expenditures will increase by 11% to $581,853. The reason for the big jump — roughly $60,000 more than 2020 — is because of a new plow truck that costs $180,000. Also, the department has $26,000 more in salaries in 2021.

The parks and library — under the culture, education and recreation category of the budget — will combine to spend a projected $227,537 in 2021, a 13% increase from the previous year.

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