The Lodi School Board approved the district to begin a rental fee policy for Lodi Stadium and its newly installed turf field at the high school.

With the addition of turf, District Administrator Vince Breunig feels that several groups, in and out of the community, will have the desire to use the facilities. The Board was in unanimous approval at its monthly meeting on Feb. 8.

Each group outside of the district’s affiliation will be charged a fee of $100 per hour (minimum usage time of one hour) for use of the stadium and field.

“We want our own teams to use it, but we feel an obligation to help our neighbors,” Breunig said. “We looked at other agreements and fees that other schools have. We wanted to make sure this (rental agreement) was in place, because we have nothing in place.”

Additionally, groups are required to have an Event Manager (district staff member) present, and the cost will be $30 per hour. The manager will arrive 30 minutes prior to the group’s arrival and stay 30 minutes after the group leaves. Custodial setup and cleanup is another $30 per hour.

Breunig said that the $100 per hour fee was average for the area, but the custodial and daily supply fees are what the district came up with, wanting to keep those charges low.

“We want people to use these facilities, but we need costs for upkeep,” he said.

The daily supply charge is based on the number of people within a certain group.

For groups of 100-199 the one-time fee is $30, with the price increasing per group size — 200-299 ($40), 300-399 ($50), 400-699 ($75) and 700+ ($100).

The concession stand will be run by the Lodi Athletic Booster Club, Lodi FFA, or any other school group that is interested. If a Lodi group is not available, the school renting the stadium will be allowed to run the concessions.

Wanting to get turf and eventually rent the stadium out to others came to Breunig when Lodi played a Homecoming football game in Waunakee a few years ago. Breunig noted that Rex’s Innkeeper, a restaurant in Waunakee, had a banner outside that read, “Home of the Blue Devils” at that time.

“Waunakee’s downtown was packed and ours was empty,” Breunig said. “It was a big deal for (Waunakee’s) community and a big loss for our community.”

It is also why Breunig said that lacrosse lines were painted on Lodi’s field, to one day host a youth lacrosse tournament, and have an opportunity to bring even more people into the Lodi community. He said if they have a few hours between games, people are more willing to spend money elsewhere in Lodi.

“This will benefit the district and the greater community as a whole,” Breunig said.

The topic will go back to the Policy Committee, and Facility and Finance Committee to iron out all the details and specific rules and regulations.

Proposed rules and regulations of stadium use

In order to preserve the nature of the turf for the longest time period possible, there are several rules and regulations for all users to follow.

All who are on the turf must wear turf shoes, tennis shoes or rubber cleats. Metal cleats and spikes are not allowed, but metal-tipped plastic cleats are acceptable.

No gum will be permitted on or around the turf, nor will seeds or nuts of any kind (sunflower, peanuts, etc.). No confetti is to be used on or near the field, and no bleach or corrosive cleaner is to be used. Chairs, tables, canopies, tent stakes, corner flags, heaters, or other potentially damaging objects may not be placed on the field without permission from the district’s maintenance staff.

No animals will be allowed in the stadium or on the field. Bikes, inline skates, strollers, or unauthorized motor vehicles will be permitted on the field.

Golfing, archery or track and field events will not be held on the turf. No athletic equipment is to be dragged across the turf at any time, unless it has wheels attached.

School events have first priority to use the stadium, which may include previously unscheduled games (playoffs or make-up dates). Requests from outside groups may be canceled or rescheduled to accommodate the school district.

All users will be asked to clean up their team areas after use. Any damage to the field caused by failing to follow the guidelines will result in a fine to cover the cost of cleaning or repairs.

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