Finalized details of Sunday’s Lodi High School graduation ceremony are now coming to light.

The Class of 2021 will be graduating at 1 p.m., with limited attendance for the event.

A new tradition that started with the Class of 2020 will be continued with a car parade after the graduation. It will start around 2:45 p.m., leaving the high school and proceeding down Sauk Street to Lodi Street.

After turning left on Lodi Street, it will take a right onto Water Street and then go left onto Pleasant Street bridge and then left again onto Corner Street.

The procession will go from Corner Street to South Main Street and go through the four corners, heading north of Hwy. 113 out of the city toward Okee.

After taking a right onto Shamrock Road, it will turn right onto Hwy. V and continue toward Okee, past the Lodi Town Hall up to the intersection of Hwy. V and Richards Road.

Then, it will turn left onto Hwy. JV towards Harmony Grove, staying on Hwy. V through Harmony Grove.

The parade will end at the Thirsty Moose. While the parade will technically end there, graduates can drive to Goeres Park afterward to continue the old tradition of silly string and taking photos with family and friends.

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