Have you taken a walk through Lodi’s Goeres Park?

Have you seen the plant and flower beds just inside the main entrance? Did you ever wonder who put them there?

It’s the handy work of past and present members of the Lodi Area Garden Club, who have taken the responsibility of caring for the small section of the park. Garden Club member Bill Welch said the club has been doing so for at least 25 years.

“The members came up with the idea as a way to beautify Goeres Park,” Welch said. “They raised the funds, mostly through donations, to establish the flower beds.”

The Lodi Garden Club was started in 1934, according to club record books. There were 14 members during the inaugural year. Currently there are 24 members of the club, some having been members for the last 25 years of planting in Goeres Park.

Throughout the years, the club has even been able to add some other things to the aesthetics of the area, which includes a short walkway through the small area.

“Over the years, the club has purchased a concrete bench and a pair of cranes, and updated the area of the gardens with the advice of a professional landscaper,” Welch said.

The area never looks the same each year. The club always tries to have different things planted year after year. A few members of the group make the final decisions before the planting season begins.

“A committee of the club is responsible for the selection and design of the Goeres Park flower beds,” Welch said.

The funds for buying plants, flowers and other necessary items come from donations and yearly club dues.

During each year, a makeshift schedule is made for various members to tend to the flower beds in Goeres Park. Each week, attention is given to the area.

“A rotating schedule of club members tend the garden beds weekly — watering, weeding, and deadheading the plants throughout the growing season,” Welch said.

The Garden Club is seen in other aspects around the community as well. Meetings are held throughout April to September each year to plan various activities and learn more about gardening from guest speakers.

Past activities have included an annual plant sale — with plants coming from the gardens of members — a birthday celebration at a local nursing home, and the club has had displays at the Lodi Agricultural Fair throughout the years.

Welch said that the club is always looking for new members to help with gardening, share ideas and help with the clubs’ various activities.

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