At its July 7 meeting, the Lodi Parks Committee discussed possible locations for a dog park within the city.

The two areas discussed were Lot 7 of the Groves Farm Plot on Highway J and the old feed mill location between Sauk Street and Second Avenue. Concept designs were presented to the committee at both locations with just the approximate dimensions if the park was chosen for either site.

Bill Welch said that the Highway J location, offered by Mayor Ann Groves Lloyd, was previously discussed as a location, but would be too expensive and is outside the city limits. Suzanne Miller added that the cost would be around $15,000 and is also opposed to the dog park being beyond city limits.

While appreciative of the offer, Mike Bilkey was not comfortable with spending money on property which is owned by the mayor. Groves Lloyd, who is not on the parks committee, stated that most city’s dog parks are beyond the city limits and Lodi has a strong demand for a dog park.

The old feed mill lot is smaller than the Highway J location being offered, and Rich Stevenson noted that it’s zoned for commercial business. The old feed mill lot was a property offered to the city by Beau Lane.

Miller wanted to include Pit Park in the discussion for the dog park location, but Welch was against it.

Chairman Steve Clemens said that the committee doesn’t plan on spending its money to develop the dog park at this time. The committee would like to fund the park through donations and outside funds.

The committee is still is the information gathering phase and the topic will be discussed again at its Aug. 4 meeting. The goal is to “try and be cost neutral.”

The committee also agreed to not move forward with its plan to construct a small music venue at Doctors Park, located on the corner of Corner Street and South Main Street.

Clemens felt it was a bad location and asked for input from the other members. Geoffrey Vorlander didn’t want to proceed with the plan and Miller said she was never in favor of the idea for a music venue, and later added that a bike rack and/or a gazebo would be good in that location.

Bilkey and Stevenson were both in favor of a small kiosk at the park, while Welch added that a water bottle filling station and a sculpture were also possibilities. Letha Kelsey-Kloberdanz was in favor of a bottle filling station and some benches.

Welch will bring back estimates for the other ideas at the next meeting.

In other news, the committee talked about Long Pond at Goeres Park snd how it needs some repairs done. According to Weter, there are three springs the feed into the pond, so all the water while need to be pumped out and all areas cleaned by hand.

Mayor Groves Lloys did state that she talked with Bob Goeres, who would like to help restore the pond as the park is a memorial for an ancestor.

Weter will determine what exactly needs to be done and will get cost estimates for the Aug. 4 meeting.

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