Support for teachers, school board

Lodi’s School Board conducted a regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 10, which attracted strong community interest. Prior to the meeting, a group of about 20 citizens rallied with signs and chants in support of teachers and the board’s decision to begin the school year with a virtual model. A parent in the district, Tess Carr, stated that because the board and teachers have been under a lot of strain making these decisions, the demonstrators wanted to show their appreciation of the Lodi education team and acknowledge their difficult position. “Nobody wanted to keep kids home, and it affects some families even more negatively than others. This is hard for our whole community,” she stated. “Still, we appreciate that our board has considered many factors in making this decision, including the practicality of staffing and allowing teachers to focus on providing a quality distance experience. As far as safety goes, Covid just is not like the flu or driving in a car.” Carr mentioned that while the flu kills about 43,000 and motor accidents about 38,000 Americans per year, Covid, in about five months, has killed over 163,000. "That translates to almost 400,000 per year. "If that many Americans were dying of car crashes per year, we'd want drastic measures to make cars safer too." Numerous Lodi residents provided public input during the Board meeting via telephone, Google Meet, and in-person. Ultimately, the board did not vote on a change to the planned learning model. Low-contact sports, however, were approved by the Board.

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