Thawing Okee Bay

Ice recedes at the Okee Bay section of Lake Wisconsin amid unseasonably warm January weather.

With a desire to address the both the short-term and long-term health of Mill Pond, area residents recently formed the Okee Bay (Mill Pond) Lake Association. The area of Mill Pond borders Red Cedar Drive, Ryan Road, Hwy 113, Shamrock Road, Okee Bay Court and County Road V. Residents, landowners and business owners living in this area, along with other interested residents living near the area, are encouraged to join the association.

“Unfortunately, over recent years, we have experienced significant degradation of this body of water with increased algae blooms, an onslaught of nuisance plants and more vegetation that impairs navigation and the recreational enjoyment of our properties. After talking to neighbors, local officials from the WI DNR and our local state Representative Jon Plumer, it became clear that we had to do something and setting up an association was the first step,” said Carol McMahon, a Red Cedar Drive resident instrumental in the establishment of this association.