Jordan Mennes Columbia County Jail Intake Photo

A DeForest teen is being charged with felony second-degree sexual assault and false imprisonment, accused of assaulting a woman and preventing her from leaving a graduation party.

Jordan X. Mennes, 18, was arrested and charged by the Columbia County Circuit Court, making an initial court appearance on June 15.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint that, according to the alleged victim, the previous weekend Mennes had been at a graduation party with the victim where over the course of the evening increasingly aggressive advances led to a sexual assault in the early morning hours.

At the party, according to the report, attendees’ keys were collected to prevent anyone from driving drunk. Through the evening, according to the accuser, Mennes had grabbed her by the throat multiple times, pushed her down and then pulling her back up, making it hard to breath, as well as pulling her around by the hair.

Between 2:30 a.m. and 3 a.m., she told authorities, everyone else at the party had gone to sleep, except her and Mennes at which point she said that she hoped Mennes would also go to sleep, then she would find her keys and leave. Around 4 a.m., she said Mennes sexually assaulted her.

After the assault, according to Mennes’ accuser, she found her keys, which Mennes then took from her and threw across a shed where they had been. She said that after Mennes fell asleep she was able to get her keys back and leave around 8 a.m.

When investigators spoke to Mennes, according to the criminal complaint, Mennes said that he didn’t remember anything after 10:30 p.m., but showed authorities a video on his phone timestamped at 3:07 a.m. which showed Mennes sitting in the alleged victim’s lap and what appeared to be an attempt to kiss her as she turned her head away.

In the June 15 hearing, Mennes was ordered to be held on $5,000 cash bond, scheduled to next appear for an Aug. 1 hearing. Mennes was released on bail two days later. If convicted, Mennes faces a sentence of up to 40 years in prison.