The Dane County Sheriff’s Office wants to alert citizens to yet another telephone scam occurring in our area and throughout the state.

Scammers are calling citizens and telling them that a family member has been in an accident and arrested and they will not be released until a large sum of cash is provided for bond.

In addition, someone on the line will pose as an attorney and tell them not to speak to anyone else about the incident. They then send a courier to the victim’s home in person to pick up the large sum of cash. If they are successful, they will continue to try and obtain even more money by playing on the emotions of the victim, who believes a family member is hurt and needs help.

Be mindful and please share this information with others to help reduce the probability of further victimization. Never give out personal information over the telephone and never give money to someone who calls you. If you have been a victim of such a scam, the Sheriff’s Office encourages you to report the crime to local authorities.

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