On Sunday, June 13 at around 10:45 p.m., a resident in the area of Brandywood Trail in the village of Windsor reported seeing a black bear in their backyard.

A Dane County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to the area and last saw the animal walking north toward the area of Token Creek Conservatory. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has also been made aware of this sighting.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office would like to advise residents that although Black bears are not common in this area, it is not unheard of for them to be seen passing through this time of year, as young bears can travel long distances, especially during their mating season (June and July). On June 2, a black bear was also spotted in Middleton, as it was walking around, then swimming in Lake Mendota.

Black bears are normally shy and try to avoid humans.

If you see a bear in your area, report the sighting to local law enforcement or the DNR at 888-936-7463. If you have a close encounter with such an animal, do not approach it. Put yourself in a secure area and allow the animal a clear escape path. You may likely be able to scare the bear aware by making loud noises (i.e. yelling, honking a car horn or banging pot and pans, while waving your arms above year head. Do not turn and run away from the bear, but rather back away slowly.

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