To the editor,

On Election Day your vote is important in the City and Town of Lodi, the State of Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.

If you vote for a friend, neighbor, or resident who is a member of the GOP and running for the Senate or Assembly, please understand that your vote endorses the policies and behavior of a governor and president, both of whom have misled our citizens on several topics. They have no credibility.

One obvious misstatement in our state was the GOP cry of “voter fraud” which never existed. Many GOP governors in the USA have used the same tactics to enable them to pass Voter Suppression Laws, primarily affecting poor, Latino or black potential voters. Gov. Walker and a GOP legislature did this in Wisconsin.

The political battle today is to free ourselves from one-party rule — a modern-day equivalent of Monarchy — and restore Democracy in Wisconsin and in our nation. This battle begins at the “grassroots” in Lodi. We must elect Democrats to regain some control of the Governorship, Senate and/or Assembly and once again live under the Constitutional concept of “checks and balances.”

In 1776 our ancestors fought against a British Monarchy with bullets. Let’s honor their sacrifice and resolve by restoring American Democracy in 2018 by using ballots instead of bullets. Vote Democratic and defeat GOP candidates at all levels of elective office — local, state and national.

Ken Richardson


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