Walter: Stop gerrymandering

Gerrymandering — a weird word that names an even weirder practice, one that has never seemed to me like it should be legal. Gerrymander definition: To divide a state etc. into election districts to give one party unfair advantage in elections.

Wisconsin is one of the most unfairly divided states, which has resulted in an almost complete stranglehold by the Republican party. In the past that has worked for the Democrats as well. Election districts need to be determined in a way that no party can control the outcome of our elections in this manner.

Each of our votes should count equally. In our neighboring state of Iowa, civil servants — and not the leaders of the party in power — draw the district maps. It is unlawful for them to use demographic voting data to rig the districts in favor of one party or another.

We citizens need to support current efforts to redraw election districts in a way that will allow all candidates an equal chance to be chosen by voters to be their representatives.

William Walter

Sauk City

Bruno: Iowa outshines Wisconsin

It is embarrassing that Wisconsin, one of the most historically progressive states (Robert LaFollette and Direct Election of Senators), sits behind Iowa in the way we draw voting districts.

Why is this? It’s because Wisconsin Republicans drew these districts secretly in 2011. There was no input from anyone, except the lawyers they hired using taxpayer dollars to gerrymander these districts.

Now, Republicans are spending millions of taxpayer dollars to fight a fair redistricting of these voting districts. They continue to do this, even though 55 of the 72 counties in Wisconsin want to see new fair maps drawn. It is obvious that the Republicans are afraid to have new fair maps.

No political party should use taxpayer money to enhance its power and to deny fair elections and equal representation. All Wisconsin citizens, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, should call their legislator and demand fair new voting maps, like Iowa has.

Wayne Bruno


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