Molony: “Is COVID real?”

Is COVID real? Is the mortality rate 0.003%? Yes, it is below 1% and usually old people with serious medical conditions are most affected. Why lock-up healthy people in their homes for a year? … So that “Important People” like Pelosi, Cuomo, Fauci, Lightfoot, Newsom, Bowser, Feinstein, Whitmer, and more … don’t have to hob-knob with the “common-folk”? Wowzerz!

We were OK with two weeks to get the plans and logistics all figured out. But when two weeks were over and all the Democrat Governors could come up with was: “wash your hands, wear a mask …” we taxpayers were more than disappointed! We knew it was about the Election.

If COVID is as bad as the Liberals say, why is Biden telling his people to release thousands of Illegals every day into the US whether they have COVID or are a Felon or not. They don’t know and they don’t care. The Dem’s need more broke dependent people to vote for those whopping “Stimulus Checks.”

You can really see the urgency of “COVID Relief” when Pelosi sat on the COVID Bill for months. What she did produce has 90% of the money going to the Countries/People who agreed to go along with the shutdown. Evers waited over ten months.

Timothy Molony


Morgan: Liberals are coming for your guns and daughters

The Teachers Unions don’t care about our children! These are the people who encourage gender transitions, and pitch “Our Country is Racist” to young children who are just trying to get an education. Now our daughters have to face sexual harassment in the bathrooms, showers, physical education, and in competitive sports — because of Biden.”

Ever since the Liberals stole the Election, they’ve been coming for your guns and daughters! We won’t be able to do anything about it because they already fixed it so that our Conservative votes will never count again.

With most of our security gone because of the “COVID-Shutdowns”, most people are now dependent on Taxpayer Funds to pay their rent, utilities, food, health care, and transportation — this is intentional.

Did you ever wonder why the younger generations like the idea of Socialism? It’s because they know that their Parents and Grandparents Political Parties left them with a Massive Federal Deficit that will leave them with very high taxes and little opportunity.

Biden’s Liberals are crashing our economy by shutting down the pipeline and making us dependent on countries that hate us. We again will be importing gas, and substandard products — which includes medical products — while we export jobs and opportunity.

Anna Morgan


Heintz: Indivisible Sauk Prairie supports Underly for State Superintendent

Indivisible Sauk Prairie is proud to endorse Jill Underly for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. She shares our value of fully supporting our public schools. Jill will work hard to solve Wisconsin’s problems dealing with all forms of inequity. She strongly supports a revision of our school finance system, since the current funding of our public schools, which is primarily from local property taxes, has failed.

Right now, because of the disparity in property values in Wisconsin school districts, we have both well-funded and under-funded districts. Jill wants to follow the recommendations of the 2019 Blue Ribbon Commission on Education Funding for fair funding of all our public schools.

Jill Underly is strongly against the expansion of taxpayer-funded private school vouchers. Public school funds should not be going to private schools. Those funds are needed for programs to improve equity and student achievement.

Jill also wants all districts to have early childhood programs because they provide a strong start and furnish opportunities for children.

Jill will fight all inequity based on skin color, gender, ability, orientation, socio-economic status, and zip code.

Wisconsin needs Jill Underly. Vote on April 6.

Sue Heintz

Indivisible Sauk Prairie Group Leader


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