If you have ever lamented the fact that you have to vote for the “lessor of two evils,” this is the year to put your vote where your mouth is. We have a candidate for governor who is one of the most decent people we have probably ever had run, Tony Evers.

I was so glad when he announced he was running, but then I was concerned that this good man would have to go through the same kind of attacks every candidate seems to have to go through, and that did indeed come to pass. Scott Walker has run one of the most dishonest campaigns we have ever seen. No, Tony Evers is not soft on sexual predators, because he didn’t do something that he had no authority to do. No, he does not want to raise the gas tax by $1. Walker is promoting these myths with a massive ad buy, much of the money coming from out of state billionaires, Charles and David Koch.

Walker is bragging about increasing state aid to schools last year, but doesn’t want you to know the he decreased it every other year he was in office. He is bragging about not raising enough revenue to maintain the roads, and then spent $818,000 of your tax money flying around the state, sometimes taking flights of only 40 miles.

We have the opportunity to elect a really good and decent man as governor next month. Please, get to the polls and elect Tony Evers governor.

Dick Schultz

Fort Atkinson

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