We all know politics can be an unsavory business. The dysfunction playing out on the national stage, and to a lesser extent around our state’s politics, is disgraceful. And whether you think things are humming along just fine or whether you think our country looks like a dumpster fire, you still need to vote.

What should we voters do? I think we need a new strategy. Maybe we should try to elect nice people for a change. Maybe we should elect someone who has some education, so they recognize the value of educating our children.

Maybe someone who has served on a local government body, so they have some experience running things, but yet they are not a career politician. Maybe someone who has struggled with heath issues themselves, so they understand the value of a good heath care system and what that means to a working American these days.

Maybe we need someone who comes from a rural community and understands what rural people know about the land. I think my ideal candidate knows about working hard for a goal, and knowing no one handed it to them.

I also know no candidate can have had all of our experiences. But my ideal candidate has one thing that defines them above all else. Empathy. They understand what it’s like to have a problem like ours. And some day, because we had faith and we elected our ideal candidate, and they have become a lawmaker, and they work for us, maybe something good can get done.

The above scenario is not a fantasy. You can help make that happen on November 6. The candidate I have described is Ann Groves Lloyd, and she is running for Assembly District 42. Ann’s campaign slogan is simple and says it all; “Ann for Wisconsin”. Please consider giving her your support this coming election day.

Richard Baker


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