Carr: Let’s get nonpartisan maps in 2021

I was glad to see the public and press at the Fair Maps rally at the Capitol on Monday.

The year 2021 is the once-in-a-decade year to let our legislators know we are watching how they redraw Wisconsin’s district maps. The excellent speakers at the rally reminded us of what we, as individual citizens, can do to ensure a properly functioning government — not more unresponsive partisan gridlock — for the next 10 years.

We can tell our legislators, often, that we expect fair maps. Use the press, including newspapers and social media, to cover it. And join a group, like the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition, to make our voices more effective. As one speaker said, “district maps must be drawn in the sunshine.” If district maps are drawn in secret again (literally, in 2011, Wisconsin legislators signed secrecy oaths), election outcomes will continue to be predetermined by gerrymandered maps, not voters.

Democracy is cheated. Neither Republican nor Democratic legislators will be accountable to their constituents — or committed to working together on behalf of the public. Polls and ballot referendums throughout Wisconsin show that overwhelming majorities of both parties want responsive, effective government again. Let’s demand nonpartisan district maps in 2021!

Tess Carr

Sun Prairie

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