Morgan: School Choice Week is Jan. 24-30

School Choice provides opportunities for everyone. It is important for our communities, economy, and the families who have the opportunity to choose the best education for their children to have an alternative choice for educating their children – especially when the Teachers Unions won’t let the kid back in the shiny new schools the taxpayers built for them.

In Wisconsin, school choice is available for all students. Apply at for a voucher to send you child to a private or religious school for free. Open enrollment for 2021-2022 school year is Feb. 1-April 15.

The data from a Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty article shows clearly that school districts enjoy significant financial savings by keeping their doors shut. This is the hard-earned money of Wisconsin taxpayers, and should have been used to educate Wisconsin’s children. These savings must be passed on to Wisconsin parents who are struggling to educate their children in districts more concerned about the interests of the Teachers Union than about educating kids.

Anna Morgan


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