To the editor,

In 2014, U.S. Marine veteran Jason Simcakoski went to the VA to get help, but instead got hooked on prescription drugs. Tragically, Jason Simcakoski died from mixed drug toxicity while receiving care at the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The Simcakoski family decided to turn their tragedy into hope for other military families. Working closely with Senator Tammy Baldwin, they crafted bipartisan legislation named in honor of Jason to reform the VA and help stop the overprescribing of opioids at the VA.

Tammy and the Simcakoski family worked together to get the job done, building support for the legislation from Republicans and Democrats, veterans service organizations and medical professionals across the country. Following Tammy and the Simcakoski family’s hard work to see the bipartisan bill passed in the Senate and House, it was then signed by President Obama to become Jasons’ Law.

Jason’s Law has strengthened opiod prescribing guidelines and implemented new oversight and accountability rules at the VA It’s also helping provide safer and more effective pain management services for veterans across the country.

Senator Baldwin has also worked to ensure that vets are protected when returning from active duty. She supported funding for education and job training and has fought to end veteran homelessness and for improved quality of health care.

If the supporters of Senator Baldwin’s opponent want to work for their candidate, it would be best if they did it with truth and not petty, vindictive lies that can be countered in a heartbeat with the facts, a quality sadly missing in today’s Republican Party at all levels.

Judy Brownrigg,


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