Senator Baldwin, in that it takes more than a chance meeting at a coffee shop with a politician on the stump for me to decide who will get my vote come November, I ask that you publicly respond to the following two questions.

1. Why did you, regardless of how others might benefit, vote to deny a majority of your constituents from receiving an increase in their paycheck/pension check over the next 8-10 year period?

2. What exactly were you trying to hide when you offered a reported six figure cash payout, tax payer money, to a fired employee for their silence regarding the mishandling of the report, by your office, relating to the Tomah VA debacle?

And then there’s the hypocrisy. When the Obama administration was “ripping children from the arms of their mothers”, legal under the law, not a word of protest from Senator Baldwin. Move ahead a couple of years and the Trump administration does the same, again legally, Tammy is up in arms over the act.

To add to the hypocrisy, while she’s totally against the Trump action, she’s all in on “ripping babies from a mothers womb, butchering them and selling off the parts” much like one would do with a veal calf.

Senator Tammy Baldwin, hypocrite.

Henry C. Ellingson

Town of Lodi

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