Arthur: Lodi schools’ new equity initiative

The School District of Lodi recently introduced a new “equity” initiative that Mr. Breunig expects will take about 10 years to fully implement. As part of that new initiative, school administration introduced to its staff the book, “So You Want to Talk About Race.”

Out of curiosity, I read the book. The read was painful, but not because of the white guilt that the author intended to instill. It was painful because the author’s wanton butchery of basic tenets of logic, gross lack of honest introspection, and juvenile insistence on repeatedly employing casual vulgarity as an attempted literary device make this pseudo-intellectual waste of race baiting leftist propaganda a horror show for the intellectually literate. One wonders at the fitness of any administrator who would employ such sophomoric nonsense in any academic environment.

That wonder is heightened by the author’s explicitly stated main premise: America is a white supremacist country. All white people are racists, who at best, tacitly support a socio-economic reality that systemically oppresses people of color. That system must be destroyed and replaced with a new system.

The author never honestly attempts to prove this premise, but instead relies on bald assertion, rhetorical devices, and a bevy of other logical fallacies, often emotionally loaded and analytically anemic. If the author is aware of these glaring flaws, she apparently does not care because, as she states, if a black person says that something is racist, it is. Anyone who challenges that assertion does so either from a position of unexamined white privilege, or racism, or both.

If this is a book that the administration has presented as an introduction to its new “equity” initiative, one wonders whether this new initiative has as much to do with education and “inclusion” as it does with ideological indoctrination — indoctrination that labels entire races of people, based on nothing more than the color of their skin, as oppressors and oppressed. One that incorrectly and illogically conflates our nation’s past racial sins with a predetermined and biased narrative derived from the very real evils of racism to falsely conclude that our country has both a systemically racist foundation and a systemically racist, white supremacist contemporary society. This doesn’t begin to address the overt leftist tones throughout. The book is both academically bereft and socially destructive, and it raises serious questions about everything involved with this new “equity” initiative.

Cliff Arthur


Molony: You have no excuse for keeping your kids in government schools

It’s not too late to get your kids a decent education by enrolling them in private school (some have tuition assistance). If you adapted to online schooling — there are many free online schools — there also is community “Pod Home-School” type of sharing educating your kids with other like-minded parents. In other words, you really have no excuse for keeping your kids in government schools.

Like the masks and vaccine threats?

Five billion dollars for Wisconsin schools is not enough! The taxpayer-paid teachers say! Demand that the parents get the $15,000-plus per student and let them pick their kids education! They will at least pull our kids out of failing and dangerous schools and put them in a safe positive learning environment — for less money too! Oh, that is why the Libs shut down charter schools (and I am not talking about the charter schools that are filled with students who would pull down the stats for the government school).

The Libs don’t want us to have a CHOICE on how to educate our children successfully! Every business has to be profitable, so why don’t we DEMAND the same from the government run schools? At least that all graduates can read?

Do you like Strangers teaching your kids about homosexuality and masturbation? Not to mention the twisted lessons called Critical Race Theory — which is racist Communist indoctrination?

NO, they wouldn’t teach your kids such junk! Oh, YES, they are!

Why are the Superintendents of the school districts lying so hard about this? Why are the Teachers Unions stating that they are still going to teach it!?!

These are OUR kids! Not yours! You do not get to take away their innocence by teaching them sexual perversion and telling them if they are not white, they are oppressed and if they are white, they are horrible oppressors! Do the teachers need to be tested every year like the kids?

Public/government schools should be completely transparent. How about a REAL annual audit of every school?

Most of these people/”educators” support ABORTIONS! Think about that! If they do NOT value life at its most vulnerable … what makes you think they care about a 3-year-old, 8-year-old, 17-year-old?

Whoever voted for Biden & the Democrats — you owe me gas money — and more!

Timothy Molony


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