Morgan: Trump is a Law and Order President

The Liberals/Democrats say that if Trump wins the Presidential Election on Nov. 3 there will be riots that will last for weeks and the only way to avoid this disruption is to vote for “Slow Joe Biden” and “Corrupt Kamala.”

Nonsense! When Donald Trump wins the Presidential Election there will be Law and Order. President Trump will have not only the National Guard ready to stop the destruction of the Liberals, but also the Police Forces will know that the President has their back and they won’t stand down anymore!

Oh, and you out of State paid for thugs, you will also be messing with the hundreds of thousands of legally armed Sportsmen and women who love their Country and who will not stand by while they try to riot in our streets.

If you really think you can threaten us to change our vote to elect a corrupt, plagiarizing, dementia riddled candidate like “Slow Joe Biden” and “Corrupt Kamala,” then come looking. The threats only steel us to work harder to be sure Donald J. Trump is elected President of the United States on Nov. 3 once again!

Anna Morgan


Spees: To members of the Poynette School District and community

I had the privilege of serving as a substitute teacher on Thursday, Sept. 17, in the new Poynette Elementary School. Such a beautiful building! It will serve our community’s youth for many years to come.

Even though I was reluctant to step into such a public place in this pandemic era, I was immediately reassured that everything that CAN be done to protect students and staff, IS being done. The protocols in place are thoughtful and well planned. Despite the serious nature of this situation, I saw many smiling eyes and lighthearted steps, in both students and teachers. It’s a happy place.

It’s also a busy place. Very busy. Teachers are dealing with unprecedented demands to master technology and offer meaningful instruction in new ways. After teaching all day, they go home to open up their laptops and work with their online students, make supper, try to spend time with their own kids, and deal with everyday life tasks. I often see teachers’ cars parked at the school on the weekends. Even now, I’m shaking my head in amazement that they can juggle all that and come back smiling the next day!

I’m sure this is replicated at the middle and high schools as well. My thanks to the community for the new school and improvements, and to the teachers for making it all work.

Sallie Spees


Carr: Arndt is getting my vote

We are lucky to have an amazing candidate this year for 42nd Assembly Representative: Melisa Arndt. I’m excited to vote for Arndt because of her capability, her community advocacy, her skill set as an Army veteran, nurse/EMT, and medical practice manager, and her experience of growing up a middle-class Wisconsinite and raising her and her husband’s two kids.

I also favor Arndt because I know she is motivated not by personal ambition but by the urge to help us and to make our communities better places. She will take her diplomacy and her hard work ethic to Madison where she will stand strong for us to address concerns we all share.

Some of her top issues are ensuring affordable health care, protecting our rural communities’ clean drinking water, finding smart solutions to other environmental challenges, and enacting fair voting maps that will keep Wisconsin’s government leaders accountable to their bosses – us.

Melisa Arndt is a strong, smart, well-spoken individual who is running for the right reasons: all of us. She is one of us, she will serve us well, and I hope you vote for her via absentee ballot, early in-person voting, or at the regular polls on Nov. 3.

Tess Carr


Ripp: Biofuel industry is economic backbone for rural communities

Across Wisconsin, nearly 30,000 workers help fuel our biofuels industry. From farm families to producer plants, these jobs provide the economic backbone for rural communities across the state. When this important industry succeeds, we all do.

President Trump recently instructed his Environmental Protection Agency to deny dozens of retroactive waivers that date back nearly a decade. The secretive waivers destroy demand for biofuels produced from farm feedstocks by allowing oil companies to cut ethanol and biodiesel from the fuel mix. Over the past few years, they have destroyed billions of gallons in ethanol demand. The decision to reject the retroactive waivers is welcome news at a critical moment when farm families are working to get back on their feet after COVID-19.

That doesn’t mean we can rest easy. Dozens of additional exemptions are still waiting on a decision at EPA. And despite assurances, we haven’t yet seen concrete action on promises to remove regulatory barriers to the sale of higher ethanol blends like E15. Given the hardships we’ve faced in 2020, there’s no reason to deny consumers the ability to select lower-cost, higher-octane fuel options blended with homegrown ethanol. It’s vital that leaders in Congress continue to speak out against oil-backed efforts to dodge the law, circumvent the courts, and upend markets.

The agricultural supply chain has been rocked by long-running trade wars and the pandemic. To put things back on track for recovery, we need strong support in Washington.

Keith Ripp


Herman: Gerrymandering is bad for democracy

The current election includes a contest for Wisconsin’s 6th District U.S. House seat. I contacted the offices of both candidates and asked if they would support legislation to end harmful gerrymandering, which the overwhelming majorities of citizens, both Republicans and Democrats, want.

Jessica King (D) stated that she will vote for legislation to end gerrymandering, adding that she supports nonpartisan district boundaries based on contiguity, consistency with natural and political (county) lines, and compactness.

Sam, apparently a staffer, responded on behalf of Glenn Grothman (R). He stated that Grothman “has some concerns” about a current bill (H.R. 1) that addresses gerrymandering, but Sam didn’t mention any alternatives to that bill. He said that when H.R. 1 passed the House in 2019, Grothman did not vote for it. I sent Sam a follow-up email, pointing out that he had not responded whether Grothman would take a stand against gerrymandering. I did not receive a reply to that email.

Gerrymandering is bad for democracy because it dilutes your vote. Our power lies in our vote, and our choice this election is clear. King will support fair maps. Vote for Jessica King for US House.

Patti Herman


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