Rausch: What have we learned from Trump?

We have had over 4 years to evaluate Trump. What have we learned? We already knew that he was a sleazy character, consorting with prostitutes. We learned he had no respect for women when he publicly admitted that women submitted to his aggressive sexual behaviors because he was rich and a celebrity.

We learned that, after blaming his predecessors for not forcing North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons program, he was no more successful than they had been. He did get a few photo ops and gave the North Koreans time to add to their nuclear arsenal and develop intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Despite his alleged deal-making capabilities, he could not bully China into abandoning its predatory trade practices and “theft” of American intellectual property (industrial secrets) with an “easy” trade war. He quickly backed off when he realized that some of his key supporters (farmers and corporations) were being hurt by China’s retaliatory trade moves.

He knows little about American government and history, beyond how to pressure local officials to further his business interests. He has no respect for the system of checks and balances and the role the other branches of government play in protecting us from a tyrannical government. We’ve learned that his style of governing is authoritarian. He wants to run the US like he ran his business; ie. he has the sole right to hire and fire whomever he pleases. Thus he hires “yes men” who dare not contradict him and he has resorted to issuing “executive orders” when other branches try to block him. He has learned to fill executive branch positions with “acting” officials which allow him to avoid seeking Congressional approval so he can fire them easily.

And finally the CO-VID pandemic has taught us he will not accept responsibility. It’s always somebody else’s fault. It’s China’s fault, or the previous administrations’, or bureaucrats’, etc. He was very slow in accepting the reality of the CO-VID crisis and thus it got out of hand, which then required more drastic measures to combat it, which in turn put the economy into a deep recession.

And in all this he has been aided and abetted by the GOP including GOP-dominated state governments, like Wisconsin! Caving to pressure to re-open businesses and opposing masking requirements, they have created an environment of rising infections, rising death totals, prolonging the recession, and endangering more of us.

Stan Ruesch


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