This is my first and will be my only letter to the community.

The upcoming election will be very important, as all elections are. I'm hoping there won't be untruths, name-calling, violence and disrespect during the campaign.

My main reason for the letter is to convey the importance of life. There seems to be a total disregard for this important subject: violence, rioting, looting, shootings and killing in neighborhoods across the country, wars and abortions.

Our nation was built around the slogan, "In God We Trust." That statement is vital as He is the author of all life. One of His commandments is "Thou shall not kill." As all of us were created by God and He loves us all means that: All Lives Matter.

I have asked myself this question: Am I happy that I was not aborted? I thank my parents for giving me life. Before you enter the voting booth, please ask yourself this same question: Are you happy that you were not aborted?

Think about it and then vote accordingly.

Thank you,

Glen Niesen

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