I was one of the residents of the northern half of the Town of Dane who asked the town board to look into the possibility of having Lodi EMS serve our area. (Lodi Enterprise Oct. 4).

We have been concerned in the past that our current EMS provider Waunakee EMS was so much farther away than Lodi. In our case Lodi EMS is four miles away while Waunakee EMS is 10 miles away, for some residents the distance difference is even greater. Waunakee EMS has excellent service but they simply cannot get here as fast, and in an emergency a few minutes may make all the difference.

I know that town board member Rich Haag and several residents worked very hard to develop a proposal over the last few months. I would like to extend my appreciation to them and to Lodi EMS Chief Russ Schaffer and the Lodi EMS Commission for supporting the extension of coverage to the northern parts of the Town of Dane.

Kendra Tutsch

Town of Dane

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