Former rep

endorses Sargent

To the editor,

I admit to being discouraged when I retired from our Legislature. But that is why it is so important to me that Rep. Melissa Sargent be elected for the Senate seat being vacated by Mark Miller.

Melissa gives me hope for the future, which we all need. She’s smart, she works hard for her constituents and on important policy issues, and she has integrity. But most of all, she has compassion and passion. She’s not about any political maneuvering for self-gain. She cares deeply about how actual people are affected by the policy priorities of our current legislature and she puts 100 percent into fighting for the public to once again count in the actions of our state Legislature.

Experience is incredibly important right now. And filling the gap left by the experienced and dedicated Sen. Mark Miller is critical. Working with the Republican Party in our state is challenging, but Melissa has never been afraid to approach all colleagues and try for support for matters that she knows are important to Wisconsin citizens. She is much like Sen. Miller in that respect – he never stopped trying and neither will she. She knows how things work (or don’t) in our Legislature today and won’t lose any time trying to figure that out. She knows we can’t just hope that things change; we have to work for that change and she does.

We need to put the real needs of the people back in governing. We need to bring back governing not politicking. Melissa has always been about believing that government can indeed be a force for good. We need that. I urge your support of Melissa Sargent for the Senate.

Terese Berceau

Former state representative


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