Little Library

Unveiling the bench containing a Little Library on Sunday, Oct. 27, are, from left, Nadia Schwedrsky, Chloe Bexson and Nora Wroblewski. The Girl Scouts fundraised and constructed the bench themselves.

After months of fundraising and construction, Girl Scout Troop 2651 gave McFarland its newest library – complete with its own sitting area.

Girl Scout Troop 2651 unveiled the bench they created themselves with a Little Library at Egner Park on Sunday, Oct. 27.

The troop built the bench from scratch with books donated by The Book Deal and individuals.

“People can come and borrow the books and return them, and they can donate books in a place in the bench for others to read,” eighth-grader Nadia Schwedrsky said.

She has been in the Girl Scouts in McFarland since kindergarten.

Girl Scouts raised money by selling popcorn at McFarland High School JV soccer games and Girl Scout cookies. All together, they raised $81 for building materials, $40 to register the bench and another $193 to buy popcorn supplies and food during construction.

Troop members drew up blueprints and used the money raised to purchase a large piece of wood. Using a power saw, they portioned measured pieces and assembled the bench over Memorial Day weekend. Two windows were cut out for the library, and the girls painted the bench over summer.

“Our only experience was working in tech ed, which wasn’t a lot,” she said. “We were learning as we went.”

The bench will be placed in the shelter of Egner Park to protect it from snow and rain.

Troop 2651 created the bench to complete requirements for the Silver Award. The Silver Award is presented to cadettes, or Scouts in grades 6-8, who complete a community service project in small groups.

“There’s multiple steps you have to take, including planning and budgeting, and share it with the Girl Scout community or other members of your community,” she said.

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