We are residents of Monona, living in a condominium for the last nine years.

We have become aware of some of the unique challenges facing our city, especially issues related to our changing demographic, transportation/traffic, and public safety.

Some of these issues are pivotal, directly impacting us and our surrounding neighborhood.

Consequently, our condo community contacted the city of Monona Mayor and our alder persons for guidance. During this process, Kristie Goforth eagerly responded to our inquiry. She demonstrated interest in our issues, then proactively worked with us, providing concise information and knowledgeable direction.

Weeks later we attended a meet and greet, where we learned more about her thoughts on major issues facing Monona. She prioritized promoting businesses, creating greater openness and communication within our community, and noted the importance of reaching out to other similarly sized communities to benefit from their problem-solving experiences.

We left that meeting with a new vision of possibilities for our city and were convinced that Kristie Goforth would provide the dynamic and innovative, forward thinking leadership needed for a more vibrant Monona.

It is time for change. We enthusiastically endorse Kristie Goforth for Mayor of Monona.

Sharla and Ron Bilchik


Please join me and scores of other former and current local elected officials in support of re-electing Mary O’Connor as Monona’s mayor. Mary’s supporters include all of Monona’s former mayors, Senators Miller and Agard, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, and 10 former Monona Alderman, current and former school board members, and many, many others.

Mary is Monona – her children, like yours and mine grew up here, attended, and graduated from Monona schools. Mary’s service has included leadership at one time or another of nearly every city committee and cause during her service to our community. For more than two decades she has been involved in the community supporting vital services including leadership of the Monona Library Board and its Foundation. I served several years with Mary on the Monona Library Foundation Board which she co-founded and where she helped raise more than $100,000 to continue and sustain its success. Her dedication to furthering public library access is unmatched and just one example of her work and volunteerism to improve the Monona community.

Mayor Mary’s work with the library to sustain its success can also be seen in her broader efforts to maintain Monona’s excellent AA+ bond rating, reserve fund, and continue our long-standing positive financial ratings. Mayor Mary has continued the efforts she started as a volunteer, then as Alderman, and now during her two terms as Mayor. She has helped spearhead new development and has successfully led the completion of the Yahara River project and the recent purchase of the San Damiano property. As a land-locked community, Mayor Mary’s efforts to continue revitalizing Monona are key to maintaining the high level of city services we enjoy.

Proven leadership and steadfast dedication, built on relationships Mayor Mary fostered first as a volunteer, multiple terms as an Alderman, and now as our Mayor. These are the reasons I am supporting Mary O’Connor for another term as our Mayor. I ask you to join me in re-electing Mary O’Connor as Monona’s Mayor.

Mike Meulemans

Former Monona


Fellow citizens,

Mary O’Connor is the best candidate for mayor. She has done a stellar job of leading the city of Monona. She balances the needs of businesses as well as the rest of the citizenry. We all can see the development that has taken place on Bridge Road and Broadway. This successful development was done with Mary’s constant oversight.

Monona will be enhanced by the purchase of San Damiano property, which she helped negotiate. It will provide green space and keep it from developers. To offset the cost Mary secured a $2,000,000 grant from the county.

Mary is aware of the long term needs for improvements to city facilities especially the Public Safety facilities. To plan for the future she has appointed an ad hoc Long Term Planning Committee to assess the city’s future needs.

Mary works well with other government agencies. This is evidenced in the response to flooding of Belle Isle and other areas of the city. The work of flood mitigation continues.

Mary has worked tirelessly for the citizens of Monona. We need her experience and dedication. Re-elect Mary O’Connor Mayor!

Sally & Glen Lee


I’m writing in support of Alder Nancy Moore’s re-election to the Monona City Council.

In my role as a citizen volunteer, I’ve worked with Alder Moore on the City’s Sustainability Committee for seven years, the last four of those with Moore as Co-Chair. In this role I’ve worked with a variety of Council members, all of them impressive, but Nancy stands out. As soon as she joined, our team became more engaged, productive, organized, and more focused on the enormity of the task at hand. Leadership matters.

As the owner of a successful consulting business, Nancy understands strategic planning, organizational efficiency, how to navigate organizational culture, and what it takes to bring new ideas from inception to implementation. She also understands hard work and at times has seemingly limitless energy.

Nancy understands the wheels of local government, how the various pieces fit together, and how to work positively with others within that system.

She has a broad network and a talent for connecting people to each other and the resources they need. Nancy understands that government cannot do it all, and she is always willing to work with citizens who want to engage with their community on various initiatives. She recognizes capacity and expertise, and leverages local talent to lessen the burden on strained city staff and budgets.

Over the years, whenever I’ve had a question or needed assistance on a given project, I have always found her to be receptive, responsive, and respectful, a consummate professional.

We need experience and know-how like this on the Monona City Council, and I urge Monona residents to vote early by mail, or in person on Tuesday, April 6 to re-elect Nancy Moore.

Teresa Radermacher

Monona Sustainability


An unspoken issue in the April Monona election is the high amounts of debt dollars that the city has issued. Debt level is almost at the WI Statutory limit and one of the highest of any Wisconsin city. Madison’s debt is half the state law limits compared to Monona being nearly the legal limit. Many state cities are at a small fraction as opposed to Monona 80%.

In addition, the city will be incurring more millions of debt dollars to buy new park land and rehab current parks.

Yet, the Council did not consider reducing the dollars that fund daily services. It did not consider reducing or contracting out items like Library, recreation or police. Instead, the city took a quarter million dollars from city reserves to balance the budget.

Many families and governments have cut back to conserve for the unknown future during a pandemic. We appear to be spending more at a time of unemployment and layoffs and while folks are fearful about their financial future. Doesn’t make sense. This discretionary use of additional debt should be discussed in the upcoming elections and positions defined.

Jim Hoelzel


I would like to thank Troy Allen and MCD Inc. for the donation of face shieids to the village of Deerfield. Troy called and asked if we could use some. The company he works for MCD Inc. had some left over that they produced for the pandemic. I went up to MCD Inc. and received 80 of which I distributed to the Fire Department, Village Hall, and Community Center. Thank you Troy and MCD Inc. from us here in Deerfield.

Greg Frutiger

Deerfield Village President

Like nearly everyone, I never dreamed Trump could be elected. He was though and even after the still unfathomed destructiveness of his term and two impeachments — thanks to our bitter divisions and his apparent control of a majority of Republican votes — he has a path back to the White House. Because too many are like the misguided people he pied piped down to the Capitol — who will receive jail time, while he’s free to golf — they’ll still vote for him and his disciples because they’ll deliver them “freedom”. I think smart and savvy Mitch McConnell wasn’t going to let that happen, if he could prevent it.

So Mitch voted to acquit and afterwards he strongly declared Trump guilty. But his machinations were more alienating than pleasing all around and he was left standing naked before hostiles on all sides. That took a lot of courage.

Acquitting Trump followed McConnell’s modus operandi logically, he needed to placate Trumps base to protect his Senator’s seats. But his post-trial condemnation of Trump, for the sake of seven senators doesn’t add up, even if it did satisfy mainstream journalists. Perhaps a previously unused ethical bone spurred him to bare his soul but doing so was a condemnation of his colleague’s votes to acquit too. I do think there was a good reason for the condemnation though because I don’t think he knew how to deal with the fallout from witness testimony.

A statement from Rep Beutler (R. WA.), submitted during debate about whether to have witnesses, established that there could be and made a charge of perjury likely for Kevin McCarthy, had he lied on the stand about Trump’s behavior during the certification riot. It was clear that McCarthy’s expected testimony, describing Trump’s glee and disregard for the safety of our nation’s capitol and its occupants would remove any ambiguity about his behavior beforehand. If McCarthy told the truth, McConnell’s Senators would be forced to disbelieve and discredit the sworn testimony of The House Minority Leader, in order to acquit. Trump’s voters had given every indication that their support would continue regardless of any testimony and McConnell was looking at the destruction of his party, especially when dozens of his more rational colleagues would go down in ’22.

I believe there was only one thing Mitch could do and he did it. He approached Chuck Schumer et al. and begged that the House Managers not call witnesses. Chuck asked “and why not?” and McConnell pled that “it’s for the country’s sake”. Chuck had no argument for that, so he relented. BUT! He told McConnell, “you’re going down there and you’re going to tell the country the truth”.

Ask yourself this — and demand a better answer than reporters were satisfied with — why wouldn’t the Managers have called witnesses, if for no other reason than to lessen the likelihood of all this happening again soon?

Answer; a clearer and more present danger loomed. I can’t think of a better reason.

John Costello


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