Requests for proposals (RFP) will be issued for park master planning services at William McFarland Park and a future community park, as well as developing a park for people with special needs.

Staff determined that both plans would need to work together to be successful and opted for the same consultant to perform the work for William McFarland Park and the community park.

In the 2020 budget, $25,000 is allocated for William McFarland Park and $50,000 is allocated for the community park.

RFP results will determine the final cost.

Master planning services include both parks because amenities may be moved between the two.

An RFP for master planning services for park improvements to create a park for people with special needs was also approved. The budget allows $10,000 for services.

The improvements could be installed in an existing park, or the village could opt to have a new park constructed.

The park would have surfaces and facilities to make the park accessible for those of all ages with disabilities.

“This goes beyond giving people swings at a park,” Trustee Dan Kolk said at the Monday, Jan. 27, village board meeting.

“Viewpoints from the community will be very important in the development of this plan, as well as finding a suitable location for the improvement,” the RFP states.

The RFP for both projects will be issued Friday, Jan. 31, and due Feb. 28. After evaluation and interviews in March, the parks, recreation and natural resources committee will make a recommendation to the village board with final action on the acceptance of the proposal on April 13.

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