Registration is open for the Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) Camp Pawprint – Summer 2.0.

With multiple themes to choose from, campers can learn about everything animal related, from facts about Wisconsin wildlife to enrichment ideas for their own cat and dog. Camp 2.0 includes online instruction, presentations by local animal experts and a take-home kit filled with activities for each day.

“The online environment allows us to offer our favorite humane education programs in a new way,” said Wendy Bell, DCHS humane educator. “This isn’t just some sit-and-watch camp; it’s an opportunity to engage with fellow campers, learn from presenters and enjoy daily check-ins with our classroom animals. Like a typical Camp Pawprint, we’re offering three different, week-long themes to pick from that we know will have the campers eager to learn more.”

Humane Helpers week will teach campers about animals traditionally kept as pets and how to care for them, as well as different ways to help animals in the community.

Wild Things week is all about the wild side of the animal kingdom. From exotic pets, to Wisconsin wildlife and wildlife around the world, this camp will keep campers busy learning with owl pellet dissection and paintable birdhouses.

Finally, Creature Careers gives campers a chance to interact with professionals like veterinarians, dog trainers and more. Campers will be able to identify when animals need care, know how to provide enrichment and gain the resources they need to pursue their own animal-related careers.

Camp 2.0 registration also includes three feature presentations available to all campers. The presentations feature animal experts and are an opportunity for campers to interact with rare and exotic animals in real time.

Camp 2.0 runs from June 15 to Aug. 28, giving options to match many schedules. Those interested in signing up or learning more about this engaging online camp can do so by visiting

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