To the editor,

I believe that our enabling of Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, in violation of humanitarian norms and tacit support of Israel’s occupation, settlement and annexation of Palestinian land, in violation of international law is nationally and geopolitically the most ruinous foreign policy paradigm any nation has followed in a hundred years and our nation, ever.

The consequent political corruption is clearly and increasingly anti-democratic to the point of being the No. 1 impetus driving the so-called developed world toward fascism. Within the U.S. political rivalry, between conservative and liberal, it has for one quarter of a century permitted conservatives to push and pass a more militaristic agenda than the sum total of all global threats justified, with the net effect of perennially cramping budgets aimed at achieving progressive social outcomes and creating a nationalistic, intolerant societal mood. In other words, our relationship with Israel is killing liberal politics even faster than liberals can throw them away.

There have been a few rays of sunlight lately, but even they’re succumbing to what’s really little more than an across the board pandering to racist western voters, who’re ignorant and angst ridden about the nature of their place in the world and are therefore vulnerable to the inevitable rise of demagogues who’re clamoring to exploit that information vacuum and fear.

The great tragedy of what may be the penultimate act of a play written in Munich is that the audience walked away into the night without ever understanding what the author was driving at.

John Costello


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