To the editor,

I’m opposed to F-35s. Air power is the preeminent method with which powerful countries run roughshod over weaker ones. It epitomizes, along with the crippling effects of economic warfare, the ultimate inhumanity of the failure of reason, fairness and good law to guide nations’ foreign policies.

Our export of these jets feeds an arms race that is far more than unnecessary; it represents our most extreme departure from a path that assures mankind’s and possibly the planet’s future, onto one that can only end in a fiery hell.

That said, I understand Senator Baldwin’s support for basing the jets in Madison. She bears the burden of leadership in a country defined and fed through militarism, and she can’t change that. All she can do is what she can to raise her constituencies up and hopefully, eventually the country. There is the threat of losing a couple thousand jobs and there is a smell of hypocrisy about just planting them in someone else’s back yard.

However, Madison appears to be, in majority, opposed to the jets. Sensitive to that, Congressman Mark Pocan respectfully requested of the USAF that the jet’s real-time attributes be demonstrated for the community at Truax field. For his trouble, Rep. Pocan, our representative, was told, in so many words, no. The rationale amounted to, "You probably won’t like what you hear" and "We prefer that you just get used to it."

As I said, I appreciate Sen. Baldwin’s position, but I would also appreciate it were she to rise in support of her colleague, our congressman, and see to it, not only that our community’s concerns are addressed and we are respected but that, if the jets do end up in Madison, they aren’t escorted by the enmity sure to be raised with being rode roughshod over.

John Costello


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