To the editor,

In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is important now more than ever that frontline workers are valued and supported in our community. As a retired RN. I am grateful there are leaders in Dane County who continue to value the work being done and take tangible action to support our work during this public health crisis. State Rep. Melissa Sargent is a prime example of this as she continues to support nurses and other health care workers on the frontlines in hospitals, nursing homes and other agencies serving the public.

Rep. Sargent also recognizes that first responders face a unique set of challenges especially in the face of the current pandemic. The risk to first responders is immense – the responsibility of these professions demonstrates now more than ever how essential these workers are for our community. Firefighters, police, EMTs and paramedics work tirelessly to put others ahead of themselves and Melissa understands how critical this service is in ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities.

She has supported us time and time again, by standing with our nurses as they work to unionize, supporting pay increases for the Wisconsin State Patrol and co-sponsoring legislation for PTSD coverage for first responders under worker’s compensation law (the Public Safety PTSD Coverage Act).

During this scary and uncertain time, we need more leaders and advocates who support our work and prioritize our safety. I know that once elected to the State Senate, Melissa Sargent will continue to fight for the brave men and women serving on the frontlines of health care and public service.

Tracy Surprise


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