Keep your Christmas lights up thru end of January to honor frontline healthcare workers. You will notice that the McFarland Gazebo Christmas light decorations are still up thru the end of January. That is because the McFarland Lions Club is following an initiative started by the Hospital in the Tri-State area of KY-IL-IN to honor the frontline health care workers. We invite you to join us.

Rob Sherman

McFarland Lions Club

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to expand on something that was said in your recent article regarding this year’s mayoral election. In the article, referencing the city’s purchase of the San Damiano property, it was stated that the purchase “will cost the city about $6.6 million after a $2 million grant from Dane County is factored in”.

While it’s true that the current balance is $6.6 million, we anticipate that the final cost of the property to the taxpayer will be substantially less than that. The city is working in partnership with the Friends of San Damiano in pursuit of additional public and private funds towards not only the purchase but the implementation of any eventual master plan. Given the response we have received thus far, we have every reason to expect that effort will be successful and we will be able to defray the cost even further.

In addition, the article also stated that Stone Bridge, Wyldhaven, Bridge Road and Schluter Parks are on the list for park improvements. To clarify, improvements will take place at Stone Bridge in 2021 in conjunction with a large storm water project there. Improvements have already taken place at the other three parks over the past few years.

I appreciate the job you do in keeping the public informed of what’s going on in Monona.


Mary O’Connor

Mayor of Monona To the Editor:

There were heroes on Jan. 6 in Washington DC Courageous Americans who believe pieces of paper and a building of stone are worth a fight. And human life.

Among the five dead from the rage was Brian Sicknick, a Capitol police officer, a brave protector of the Constitution and the US Capitol. Not among Americans of bold character and true guts is Lame Duck President Donald Trump. Neither are those gathered in his name. Mobs always sink to their lowest common denominator.

A heroic Sicknick died because someone used a fire extinguisher as a murder weapon. Hatred has many enemies. Later that night and the next day true believers in Trump sang “God Bless America,” certain some god would bless them after their repugnant perversion of democratic rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Who is and what is the name of this god?

Yahweh? Ares? Yeshua, Jesus, Mars?

Patrik Vander Velden


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