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In what won't come as a surprise, Joe Biden carried the majority of Dane County votes in Tuesday's election. He did increase the Democratic Party's margins from 2016, however.

Editor's note: this article has been updated to reflect updates in voter counts since its original posting

President-elect Joe Biden secured a landslide win over Republican nominee Donald Trump in every precinct of Monona, Cottage Grove, Blooming Grove and McFarland on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

In Monona specifically, Biden defeated Trump with 80.5% of the vote (4,798 votes). That margin was slightly lower in McFarland, where Biden received 4,224 votes to Trump’s 1,698 votes (70.0%).

Splitting Cottage Grove into the town of Cottage Grove and the village of Cottage Grove, Biden won both municipalities with 1,647 votes in the town and 2,919 votes in the village. Comparatively, Trump received 1,017 votes in the town and 1,420 in the village. A total of 65.8% of village residents and 61.1% of town residents voted for Biden.

The town of Blooming Grove saw a 8.9% increase in percentage of votes for the democratic candidate in 2020 compared to 2016, with Biden taking 73.7% of the vote in 2020 (789 votes).

Overall, each community’s voters leaned further left this year, with less third-party votes as well. Here is how each community voted compared to 2016:

City of Monona – 80.5% Biden, 75.3% Hillary Clinton

Town of Blooming Grove – 73.7% Biden, 64.8% Clinton

Town of Cottage Grove – 61.1% Biden, 56.5% Clinton

Village of Cottage Grove – 65.8% Biden, 61% Clinton

Village of McFarland – 70.0% Biden, 63.1% Clinton

Perhaps even more striking than Biden’s sweep of each community is the sheer number of people who turned out to vote, no matter which candidate they voted for.

In total, polls across Dane County saw 344,745 voters in the presidential election, a number up over 11% from the 2016 turnout of 309,291.

A poll worker at Village Hall in the village of Cottage Grove said election staff had received approximately 3,300 absentee ballots by Monday, Nov. 2., marking the highest number of early and mail-in ballots the village has seen in recent years.

Despite the high number of individuals who voted absentee, Cottage Grove Village Clerk Lisa Kalata said that turnout for in-person voting was steady. At one point, the voter line wrapped all the way around the Village Hall parking lot.

Leading up to the election, many wondered if the COVID-19 pandemic would prohibit voters from showing up to cast their ballot in person. However, with health and safety measures in place, in-person voting looked a bit less daunting than imagined.

Social distancing was enforced both inside and outside local polling locations, tables were equipped with plexiglass, and all writing utensils were disposed of immediately after use.

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