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Wisconsin DNR monitoring bird mortalities along the east coast

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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is following a report of bird mortalities or bird illness along the eastern part of the United States that started in late May.

Symptoms include swollen and/or crusty eyes, seizures and a lack of coordination. The illness has not been linked back to Wisconsin, however the DNR has received a few scattered reports of birds with swollen, crusty eyes.

The DNR is asking anyone who comes in contact with any of these symptoms, to contact their local conservation or wildlife biologist.

Cases have been identified from the eastern Midwest to the parts of the northeast including the states of Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Blue jays, common grackles, European starlings and American robins have been associated with the sickness.

If anyone sees a dead or sick bird at their bird feeder or bath, they should remove their feeder or bath. The DNR also encourages proper cleaning of baths and feeders, using soap and water followed by rinsing of a 10% bleach solution.

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