Effective Wednesday, Aug. 5, sewer utility rates in McFarland will increase for the first time since Jan. 1, 2016.

Rates for usage will increase 27 percent while base rates will increase 18 percent.

The rate increase will provide funds to replace and enhance sewer service and pump station operations in the village. In addition, the rate increase will help offset service charges passed on to the village by the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), which services all village sewage.

Since 2016, MMSD charges to the village have increased nearly 15.77% without a corresponding increase in village sewer rates.

The new rates were approved by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission on Feb. 19 and McFarland Village Board on Feb. 24.

The average residential customer will see the bimonthly rate increase from $53.70 to $65, while a large residential property will have a rate increase from $66.67 to $82.20. A multifamily home rate will rate will increase from $277.65 to $345.31.

For commercial properties, the rate of $162.23 will increase to $202.69, while a public authority will have an increase from $385.37 to $484.98.

Questions can be directed to the McFarland Water and Sewer Utility at 838-7287.

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