Plan, Practice, Escape

In addition to planning and practice your emergency escape, the McFarland Fire Department is drawing attention to sprinkler systems as part of its Fire Prevention Week education for the public.

The McFarland Fire Department is looking to get the word out about home sprinkler systems.

Mitchell Sutter, McFarland Fire public education specialist, said that while a home sprinkler system is an extra expense, it can save lives.

“It’s not necessarily to save property, though it probably will. It gives occupants time to get out,” Sutter said. “You’d be surprised how fast a trash can fire can engulf a whole room. Time is not our friend, so that’s why we’re pushing home sprinklers.”

He said that a fire can double in size in less than 20 seconds without an interventions. Research from the National Institute of Standards and Technology shows that house fires can become deadly in as little as three minutes.

Sutter said that with many of the new homes being built, there are engineered products that can accelerate fire spread.

“Fires today seem to burn faster and quicker because the contents of modern homes (such as furnishings) can burn faster and more intensely,” NIST Senior Engineer Richard Bukowski reported on the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition website.

For more information, visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition website,

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